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February 25, 2023

A whole new world to explore: Kalian deBruyn-Taylor | My Bookmark

Kalian deBruyn-Taylor (she/her) is a community engagement associate for Reading Partners Colorado. Her first memory of reading is her dad reading bedtime stories to her and her siblings, which he did every night.

“He would always make the characters come to life with unique voices and act out of scenarios,” she says. “That’s when I realized books were whole new worlds to explore.”

Kalian deBruyn-TaylorOf these books he’d read to them, her favorites were Where the Wild Things Are and Goosebumps. Reading these books and other stories throughout her life makes her feel immersed, relaxed, and even giddy. 

When Kalian first began her literacy journey, it was an escape for her. As she grew older, she dove deeper into more academic reading, but now is transitioning back to reading for enjoyment and learning what she likes to read again.

“It has been a journey through the different phases of life, but I always find that there is something interesting to read in every phase,” she says.

When she thinks about books she wishes she had as a kid, it’s hard for her to choose just one. But generally, Kalian is loving any new book with diverse characters.

“It’s so fun now to look at the kid’s books and read them for my own inner child and enjoy the characters that are similar to myself and others.”

Kalian deBruyn-TaylorShe’s come along way from Where The Wild Things Are and Goosebumps, but Kalian continues to admire the power that reading has in the life of a child.

“I think books can really empower students to see themselves in their own way, embrace their individuality and own experiences and then maybe even inspire them to tell theirs aloud or in print too.”

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