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July 17, 2023

Books can turn readers into catalysts for change: Amber Green | My Bookmark

Amber Green (she/her) is Reading Partners’ executive assistant to our chief impact officer. When she thinks about her literacy journey, the magic of watching Matilda for the first time comes to mind.

matilda, catalysts for change“There was something special about Matilda’s love for reading from such a young age that truly sparked an interest for me.”

That interest in reading eventually led Amber to Paula Danzinger’s Amber Brown, a character in a series of kid’s books who navigates her parents’ divorce, elementary school, and life with a sense of humor and an irrepressible spirit. 

From there, Amber’s passion for reading exploded. “As a child, it seemed like I always had a book in my hand! It didn’t seem like a heavy lift at the time.” And as she grew older, she still loved to read, but found that she had to be more intentional about creating space in her life to invest in a good book. 

amber brown, catalysts for change

As she reflected on the kinds of books that were available to her as a kid, Amber remembers it being difficult to find stories that featured characters with natural hair and melanated skin like hers. 

“Representation has and always will matter for students of color. So, I am incredibly pleased by the growing selection of children’s books that provide young readers with characters that they can identify with.”

Amber believes that books are crucial in the lives of young students today.

“I can empower students by helping them believe in themselves and their ability to read. For me, this means uplifting reading as a true superpower. The more they read, the more their brains grow, and as their brains grow, they’re improving their chances of being catalysts for change in our diverse and ever-evolving world.”

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