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First Tutoring Session Tips

You should always plan to arrive at the reading center 10 minutes before your session starts. This will give you enough time to review the lesson and student information.

On your first day of tutoring you will complete “Lesson Zero,” an introductory lesson which will allow you to get to know your student.

Lesson Zero

Tutor Read Aloud

All of our lessons start with a tutor read aloud. You and your student will select a book from the Read Aloud Library and you will read the book out loud to your student for about 10 minutes.

Read Aloud Tips:

  • Select a book from the Read Aloud Library and review the discussion guide before reading.
  • Preview the book with your student and ask comprehension questions such as “what do you think might happen,” or “what is something you want to learn from this book?
  • During reading, stop regularly to check for comprehension. You can ask questions like, “so, what just happened,” or “why did they do that?”
  • Make predictions and think out loud while reading
  • Be enthusiastic! Read with lots of expression, show excitement, and model all thinking out loud.

After the read aloud, you will move on to a “getting to know you” activity with your student. This activity will allow you and your student to learn a little more about each other before diving into the curriculum.

Always remember to check in with your site coordinator and ask for support or assistance when you need it.

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