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January 2, 2024

Crafting bonds: A friendship bracelet guide inspired by “How to Spot a Best Friend”

In the enchanting world of children’s literature, Bea Birdsong and Lucy Fleming invite us on a heartwarming journey through the pages of How to Spot a Best Friend. This delightful book not only explores the nuances of friendship but also provides us with valuable insights into the true essence of companionship. As we delve into the captivating narrative penned by Birdsong and brought to life by Fleming’s enchanting illustrations, we discover the magic that unfolds when two kindred spirits come together. 

Today, we embark on a literary adventure that goes beyond the written words, combining the wisdom gleaned from How to Spot a Best Friend with the hands-on joy of crafting. Join us as we explore the art of friendship, share the highlights of this wonderful book, and learn how to create a beautiful friendship bracelet inspired by the profound bonds celebrated within its pages. Let the journey into the heart of friendship begin!

How to Spot a Best Friend

how to spot a best friendIn the exciting world of How to Spot a Best Friend, the anticipation of a newfound friendship unfolds as a spirited little girl embarks on her first day of school. Undeterred by the initial challenges, she confidently declares her mission to find a best friend. Guided by endearing insights like, “A friend lends you a crayon. A best friend lends you a brand-new, extra-sharp green crayon,” the story takes us on a whimsical journey through the charming landscape of childhood connections. Bea Birdsong and Lucy Fleming masterfully capture the essence of friendship with imagination and warmth, making this picture book an ideal companion for young hearts seeking the magic of kindred spirits in the schoolyard. 

A friendship bracelet guide

So, have you spotted your best friend, the one who would lend you that extra-sharp green crayon? Fantastic! Now, let’s take the joy of friendship to the next level and dive into the whimsical world of crafting. Grab your threads and let’s weave a little magic together because, as we all know, the best friendships are worn on our wrists. It’s time to make some adorable friendship bracelets that will proudly declare to the world, ‘I’ve found my best friend!’

Supplies needed:

  • Yarn/string/thin rope (anything that can serve as the base of your bracelet)
  • Lettered beads
  • And excitement! 

string and beads on a table; supplies needed to make a friendship bracelet


This friendship bracelet design will let you spell out both your name and your best friend’s name so that you can proudly show off your BFF everywhere you go. 

1) Grab two pieces of string, and start byseparate letters from string measuring your bracelet length with your yarn/string/rope. To measure your wrist, wrap your string around your wrist, loosely, twice.This will ensure you have some leftover string that we can cut off at the end! Remember, measure twice, cut once.

2) Now, set aside your two pieces of measured and cut string, and start looking through your beads! You’ll want to spell out your name and your best friend’s name. Have fun! Have a nickname for your best friend? Spell that out instead of their full name!

make your first knot on your measured string

3) Got your string measured and cut? Are your beads all set? Amazing! Let’s make our first knot. Tie the two pieces of string together with about two inches of string leftover (you’ll need this to tie the bracelet to your wrist later on!).

4) Let’s start beading! Your name will go onto one piece of string, and your friend’s name will go on the other piece of string.

place the beads on your friendship bracelet

5) Now, you can stop here! You can tie off the end, to keep the beads in place, and then tie these to your wrist. However, you can also get creative and add more beads, add some unique braiding, or add your own little flair. The two-strand braid is my favorite, check it out below! 

a completed friendship bracelet that reads "reading partners"

As we tie the final knots on our friendship bracelets, let’s celebrate the journey we’ve taken today. From the heartwarming pages of How to Spot a Best Friend to the colorful threads that now adorn our wrists, we’ve embraced the beauty of connection. May these handmade tokens serve as a reminder that, just like the characters in our favorite stories, our own tales of friendship continue to unfold with each shared laugh, thoughtful gesture, and the timeless joy of creating together.

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