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November 20, 2017

Invest in literacy for a brighter future

At Reading Partners, we see a future where all children in the United States, regardless of race or socioeconomic status, have the reading skills they need to reach their full potential.

Reading is the foundation for all future learning, yet right now the vast majority of fourth-graders from low-income families in the United States cannot read at grade level. This is a crucial turning point—students who lack proficient reading skills by fourth grade are four times more likely to leave high school without a diploma.

But together, we can create a brighter future for our students and communities.

This Giving Tuesday—November 28—we’re kicking off a month-long campaign to raise support for early literacy. All donations will support our one-on-one tutoring program in under-resourced schools across the country. Our goal is to help over 11,000 children become stronger readers this school year—and that means staffing our reading centers, stocking them with books and supplies, recruiting and training dedicated volunteer tutors, conducting ongoing student assessments, partnering with teachers and principals, and so much more.

By making a gift to Reading Partners before the new year, not only will you be investing in a proven literacy program—you’ll be investing in a child’s future.

We know our students have big dreams for their futures, and we asked them how reading will help them get there. Here’s what they had to say…

This Reading Partners student wants to become a teacher

Why does reading matter to you?

“It matters to me because it can help me learn in the future, and lead me to what I want to be.”

 – Alex, fourth grade

“So I can get my education, and so I can get a house and a job in life.”

– Jayavion, fourth grade

“Reading matters to me because whenever you’re sad or just bored, you can pick up a book and make it all better! And it helps you grow and learn new things.”

– Mariah, second grade

“Reading matters to me because if I don’t read my brain won’t grow.”

– Shaylynn, third grade

“Reading matters to me because if we didn’t have reading, life would be really hard.”

– Mikey, fourth grade

This Reading Partners student wants to become a pilot

What do you want to be when you grow up?

“I want to be a firefighter. I want to help people.”

– Ashlyn, second grade

“I want to be a house fixer. I want to be someone who helps people get their own houses!”

– Daveon, fourth grade

“I want to be a doctor. A doctor that works in the hospital so I can help people.”

– Ta’niyah, third grade

“A police officer because they help people that are in trouble.”

– Herbert, second grade

“Oh that’s easy, a teacher! So I can help other kids learn to read!”

– Mariah, second grade

“I want to be a mechanic because I like doing things with my hands.”

– Hector, second grade

“I want to be a principal so I can make school fun and safe for school.”

– Lucas, first grade

This Reading Partners student wants to become a singer

How does your reading partner help you?

“By showing me new words and talking about what they mean, and reading together.”

– Samantha, second grade

“They help me learn about things and inspire me to do what I want and don’t give up on my dreams.”

– Hector, second grade

If you think every child deserves the opportunity to become a strong reader and pursue their dreams, join us. A gift of any size makes an impact—$5, which provides a book for a student to keep for their very own library, to $50, which covers training for a group of new volunteer tutors, to $5,500, which supports 5 students’ participation in Reading Partners for a full school year.

A future built on literacy is within reach, with your help.

Make a donation today:

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