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November 4, 2013

Maximize Your Impact: Give to Reading Partners on Colorado Gives Day


We want to see lifelong learners coming from Colorado schools: students full of potential, empowered by education, and ready to drive our world into a better future. Yet, more than 90% of low-income children in Colorado who should be ready to read Harry Potter are still uncomfortable reading BOB Books and Dr. Seuss. The reality is that most students in Colorado feel frustrated and defeated every time they open a book in class. This is unacceptable.

Reading Partners is making a difference.

Last year, 93% of the students enrolled in Colorado increased their monthly rates of learning, showing progress toward reading at grade-level benchmarks. This year, we are on track to serve 550 students, engaging over 650 community volunteers.

We have lofty goals. Our dream is to make a real, measurable impact on the literacy gap in Colorado. With four out of five fourth graders unable to read at their grade level, this is a huge challenge. But we know that with your support, we can pose a serious threat to illiteracy in our state.

Will you join us in our fight for the future of our children?

On December 10, we’re partnering with Community First Foundation’s Colorado Gives Day initiative and 100% of your donation will go directly to Reading Partners Colorado.

Whether a child can read proficiently by fourth grade is a key indicator of his or her chances for future academic success. We know that children who do not meet proficiency benchmarks for reading by the end of third grade are four times less likely to graduate high school.

The real-life implication of this statistic is that thousands of children across Colorado are at risk of losing out on the brighter, more prosperous future. By helping young readers to get the personalized attention and practice they need in literacy, Reading Partners is working to ensure that all children have the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and determine their life choices.

Reading Partners cannot do this work alone.

That’s why we train community members to be highly efficient tutors using our evidence-based curriculum. And that’s why we’re asking for your support to help realize our vision of a Colorado where all children have the literacy skills they need to reach their full potential.

We call our community tutors heroes because they fight illiteracy and change lives every time they work with their students.

You can be a hero too. Maximize your impact by scheduling your gift for December 10, Colorado Gives Day. All gifts to Reading Partners automatically increase in value thanks to the FirstBank Incentive Fund, which allocates a $250,000 donation evenly across all nonprofit donations given on Colorado Gives Day. This is the time to join others around the state who believe in changing the current reality for our struggling readers.

Don’t miss out on your chance to make a difference. Every single dollar counts in this fight. Join Reading Partners to give the gift of literacy and hope to children in Colorado.

**Forgetful?? Pledge today and schedule your gift to be taken out on December 10. Just check the “Schedule my donation for Colorado Gives Day” box to take advantage of the Colorado Gives Day campaign benefits!**

To learn more about Reading Partners, Colorado Gives Day, or to schedule a personalized tour of a Reading Center in Colorado, contact Jessica Harper at Jessica [dot] harper [at] readingpartners [dot] org or (303) 578-2032.

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