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December 21, 2016

New Year's resolutions for reading bliss

The arrival of the New Year ushers in prime resolution-making season. Developing resolutions takes a combination of hopefulness and self-reflection. The top 10 most googled New Year’s resolutions of 2016 reveal a lot about the things we wish for most—health, advice on how to handle life changes, and a craze for veggie recipes. The hilarious 16 New Year’s resolutions only book nerds can relate to got me thinking about all the resolutions that would be perfect for book lovers in 2017 to help us recommit to reading all year long.

1. Read a new genre.

Explore a wider range of books than ever before by breaking out of your reading rut! Normally only read historical fiction? Try a collection of poetry or essays. I love this bingo board created last summer by the Seattle Public Library to help adult readers discover their reading horizons.

2. Refer friends and family to Reading Partners.

This January, Reading Partners has big goals to recruit enough volunteers to reach all our students. You can raise awareness through a fun #MentorMonthChallenge and compete to win prizes.

3. Host a book-themed dinner party.

Invite your guests to dress as literary characters and create dishes inspired by famous food scenes in the literary canon. Hint: the party could get fancy with the Boeuf en Daube from To the Lighthouse, or stay simple and nostalgic with green eggs and ham.

Illustration by Cara Nicoletti

4. Join or start a book club.

Books make great company, but so do other people passionate about reading. This resolution is a perfect aid to resolution #2, to find more lit lovers to refer to be reading partners! Here’s a complete checklist to get your book club started.

5. Make small reading goals to keep yourself reading every day.

Promise yourself 15 minutes before bed. Or a bedtime story with your younger siblings or your kids.

6. Get a library card and use it!

Libraries are often hubs of activity with free classes, resources, and of course, a plethora of books.

Flickr via Compfight cc

7. Give back by finally sorting and donating your old books.

Support local literacy efforts by donating your used books to book drives or making a donation if it’s within your means to do so.

8. Become a reading partner!

This one only takes a commitment of one hour a week, but it’ll change your life and the life of a child in your community.

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