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May 12, 2014

The Reading Partner Bond: Reading Partners Go Beyond Just Reading

Chadawn​, a nursing student at Howard University, has been a fantastic part of our tutor community at Seaton Elementary School since September, 2013. Each week, students and staff alike look forward to having her reliable, calm presence in the reading center. Her dedication to Josue and Marissa have helped them make notable growth as readers throughout the year. We asked Chadawn to share her experiences as a tutor, and this is what she had to say…


I so enjoy my time volunteering twice-a-week with Reading Partners. Not only have I had the opportunity to help students improve their reading abilities, but I have also learned a lot in the process. Working with my students has allowed me to see the differences in learning styles of students from different backgrounds and ages.

As a college student, I know the importance of having strong foundational comprehension skills and being able to read fluently. Without these skills students will encounter barriers in developing the more complex skills, like critical thinking, necessary to succeed in higher education. I’m thrilled to know that the skills I am helping my students develop will set them up for success throughout their educational pathways and throughout their lives.

During my time as a Reading Partner I have worked with two students at Seaton Elementary School: Josue and Marissa. I find that I am able to relate to each of them in different ways. They each have unique personalities and learning styles which makes it fun and interesting to help them read and learn.

Josue is very shy and doesn’t talk much. While others may find this challenging, it encourages me to help him even more. As a child I was very shy and didn’t talk much. It makes me extremely happy to see him progress and become a better reader. Every now and then he lets out a laugh and that makes me feel great. I would love to see him become even more confident.

Marissa is full of life and is always telling a story, laughing, and making jokes. We have developed a bond that allows us to have fun while she learns. From our conversations I have learned that Marissa is very interested in science. She loves reading about animals and anything related to science. As Marissa’s Reading Partner, I encourage her to read about things that she enjoys.

My experience being a Reading Partner over the past 9 months has been very rewarding, I have so enjoyed it. It feels good to know that I am helping students master literacy skills and even develop a love for reading that they will carry throughout their lives.

Reading Partners is an excellent program with a very important mission, to help children become lifelong readers, and I am confident that Reading Partners, along with the support of local communities, will make a huge difference in the lives of all the children who are involved.


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