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August 14, 2023

2022-23 Reading Partners Colorado year in review

Dear Reading Partners Colorado community,

As you review the impressive results in our year in review impact pamphlet, you’re looking back in time.

Back in August 2022, there were five hundred fifty students excited to meet their new teachers and reconnect with friends. Some were stepping into their first elementary school experience.

As you’ll see, those 550 students worked hard, and had fun, as they made extraordinary progress with their tutors toward their literacy goals. But this one snapshot in time doesn’t tell the whole story.

Each of those students also has a trajectory ahead. Although it’s key to look back – to mark time, to learn from challenges, to celebrate successes – the whole mission of Reading Partners is built on the hope we have for the future.

Why else would we dedicate hundreds of volunteer hours and tens of thousands of dollars?

We do so because we believe in the future of those five hundred plus children, and all the many who came before and after. We know that when all children receive the individualized support they need to reach their reading goals, they are well on their way to reaching their fulfillment as adults. Essentially, Reading Partners is a community of hope.

I invite you to please take the time to read through all the successes of this year. While you do so, also look ahead. Another cohort of young readers will enter the next school year, ready to work hard, and have fun, achieving proficient literacy.

Thank you for being partners in the hope.

Melissa Monforti
Executive director, Reading Partners Colorado

Read the full year in review impact pamphlet below.

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