About Our Program

Reading is fundamental to a child’s academic success. It is the foundation for all learning. In fourth grade, students are expected to transition from learning to read to reading to learn. From this point on, they’ll use these foundational reading skills to explore and master new subjects like science, history, and geography. 

Our traditional tutoring model

Together with our schools, Reading Partners focuses on supporting students who are several months to two and a half years behind grade level in reading. We harness the power of community volunteers to provide individualized literacy instruction with measurable results to help students master the reading fundamentals they need to reach grade level.

Working one-on-one with their tutors, students who were once trending behind in reading become proud, confident readers, excited about learning and ready for success.

Reading Partners Beyond

In 2020, Reading Partners made adjustments to our programmatic offerings to create flexibility with our school partners and better meet our students’ needs during COVID-19 and beyond. Each region will implement specific innovation programs in alignment with the requests and requirements from local schools and districts.

Reading Partners Connects

Reading Partners Connects will allow Reading Partners to continue to serve students one-on-one in a safe online environment using Reading Partners’ evidence-based curriculum. Content will integrate our trusted curriculum and lessons into innovative presentations to optimize student engagement and incorporate social-emotional learning (SEL) opportunities through relationship-building with tutors.

Small group tutoring

In some cases, we may need to shift from serving students one-on-one to small groups in order to meet principal requests to meet greater student needs. In these cases, Reading Partners will implement Tutoring With the Lightning Squad, a web-based tutoring program where students work in pairs to practice literacy skills up to a mid-third grade level. A trained adult monitors and supports the small group session of two of four students.

Digital library

The ReadingIQ app will provide access to a digital library of high-quality texts for students. As we continue to expand our reach and offer “Whole School” literacy services to our current school partners, this opportunity could be shared with both Reading Partners’ students and the broader school population. There is a subscription cost of $25 per student, which Reading Partners plans to cover through private philanthropy.

Family engagement

Families and caregivers have always been vital to student success and should be engaged whenever possible. Here are some of the offerings Reading Partners will deliver to increase our support of families and students at home:

  • Family texting
  • Student learning packets
  • Family literacy resources
  • Family engagement workshops
  • Family advisory groups

Thanks to our partners

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