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Reading Partners is committed to ensuring that students gain the critical reading skills needed to prepare them for academic, social, and civic success. At the core of our program model is the use of multiple data sources to monitor student progress and site quality, and to evaluate program success. From annual student assessment and quality monitoring activities to researching the effectiveness of pilot initiatives and contracting for independent studies, Reading Partners systematically collects, analyzes, and uses data to generate knowledge, improve programs, and report on impacts.

For example, we assess student reading skills three times during the year and formally survey teachers twice each year to track each student’s progress and ensure high-quality programming. The assessment process enables our staff to benchmark students’ reading levels at enrollment, modify instructional reading plans during the year, and report gains at the end of the school year. In addition, our volunteer tutors write observational notes after each tutoring session. Our site staff review the notes and use the information to provide additional instructional support and guidance for tutors throughout the year.

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