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January 2, 2018

How to make a resolution for reading in the new year

As we find ourselves embarking on a new year, people across the world will be setting resolutions aimed at making some positive change in their lives.

At the same time, people across the country will be celebrating the role of mentors in their lives as a part of National Mentoring Month throughout January. Here at Reading Partners, we’d like to challenge you to participate in our Resolutions for Reading campaign by setting a resolution focused on bettering education in your community.

What is a resolution for reading?

A goal set with the intent of supporting the vital skill of literacy in our nation constitutes a resolution for reading. By taking on the role of a reading mentor for a student in your community, you’ll bring positive change to your own life in the process.  

A resolution for reading may seem a bit more specific than the average resolution. But, you may be surprised to see how nicely it can fit with some of the more popular New Year’s resolutions. Here are some clever ideas for how a resolution for reading might align with the goals you envisioned for the new year.

Resolution 1: Become more involved in your community

AmeriCorps member with students

Is one of your resolutions to become involved in your community in the coming year? There are a handful of ways you can do this with a resolution for reading! First and foremost, anyone who wishes to support early literacy in their community can do so by volunteering an hour a week with a student.

If you’re looking for a more engaged opportunity, consider applying for a year of full-time service with AmeriCorps. It’s a big commitment, but the experience is full of opportunities to grow professionally and play a key role in making change in your community. Some examples of roles within Reading Partners include managing a reading center as a site coordinator or engaging and recruiting community members as a volunteer coordinator.

Resolution 2: Save money to support more causes

Another common theme in New Year’s resolutions revolves around developing better spending habits. Whether your goal is to eat out less often or to put a bit more money into savings every month, financial resolutions are always a beneficial idea. How does this relate to resolutions for reading? Well, with the extra money that you save, you might have a little extra to donate and support all of your favorite causes. At Reading Partners specifically, a $100 donation will give 20 of our students a book to take home to build up their own home libraries.

Resolution 3: Spend more time with friends

Is your goal to spend more time with your friends in the new year? A resolution for reading can do that too, when you refer a friend to become a volunteer tutor. Volunteering activities make for wonderful weekly bonding time. Volunteer groups or pairs have an extra special experience through trading tips, sharing stories, and connecting on a deeper level through a shared commitment. You could even schedule a pre- or post-volunteering get-together like a weekly lunch date for added time to connect!

Resolution 4: Rekindle a passion for reading

Student looking for a book

Last, but certainly not least, a great resolution for the new year is to rekindle your passion for reading! Sometimes, it’s hard to make time for reading in the hustle and bustle of daily life, but finding ways to incorporate reading into your routine has plenty of benefits for your wellbeing. Perhaps most important of all, your passion for reading is important to work as a mentor and a tutor. Even if personal reading isn’t a part of your everyday life, expressing how powerful and important it is to students can make a world of difference.

Completing resolutions can be a challenge sometimes, but the most gratifying accomplishments are those that benefit yourself and others. Becoming a reading tutor might just be the trick to rediscover the joys of reading while helping a student become a stronger, more confident reader who will be well-positioned for success in school and life.


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