Washington, DC

Reading Partners has been part of the educational landscape in Washington, DC since 2010, when we first began placing community volunteers in low-income schools to help students master essential reading skills. Our one-on-one tutoring model empowers students to succeed in reading and in life by engaging community volunteers to provide individualized, personal attention to each student in our program.

Washington, DC is the center of our nation’s political power, yet too many of our capital’s schools are failing to prepare our students to be future leaders. Only 13 percent of DC’s fourth graders from low-income families could read proficiently in 2013, placing DC among the worst-performing cities in the country.

At the same time, DC is uniquely positioned to reverse this trend. With a high concentration of college-educated citizens, a desire to change the odds for students, and a robust volunteer community, DC is poised to help our students and future leaders succeed. By partnering with parents, teachers, and school and community leaders in Washington, DC, we are working towards a future where all children have the individualized support they need to become strong readers and lifelong learners.

By The Numbers

  93% of target students increased their monthly rate of literacy learning.
18 Reading Centers  
800 Students Served
1,000 Volunteers

Thanks to our partners

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