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May 13, 2015

Sharing a love of reading

On MLK Day of Service 2014, Tine Wahl, a web designer at Rebox, felt inspired to get involved in service. An avid reader, she came across an opportunity to tutor struggling readers with Reading Partners. In order to share her love of reading with youth, Tine decided that becoming a reading partner was the best choice for her.

Tine has a lot of great memories from working with Tanisha. One of her favorites, she recounts, was when Tanisha learned an interesting new vocab word. “When Tanisha told me [she’d]  been using her new favorite vocab word (incognito) every chance she [got], I was so proud of her.” Tine elaborates, “Whenever she sprinkles an old vocab word into her sentences, I am even more proud.”

Tine’s charisma, humor, and joy are only three of the many things that make her a superb tutor!


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