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November 16, 2013

Step Away from Your Desk: How Volunteering Can Boost Productivity at Work

It‘s no secret that volunteerism has countless positive impacts on the community, and that volunteers are the driving force of local nonprofit organizations. But would you be surprised to learn that volunteering can increase your productivity at work?

Volunteering serves as a great time to step away from your desk–an activity that seems counter productive, but may actually allow you to get more work done faster.

De-stress and increase productivity by volunteering

These days, many employees feel like there is always more work to do at a faster pace, and those who put in the most hours (running themselves ragged) receive the highest praise. But are the 60-hour per week “workhorses” really more productive? New studies show that taking regular breaks and leaving your work at work can have a positive impact on productivity.

Spend less time getting more done

The recent New York Times article, “Relax! You’ll be More Productive,” suggests that insurmountable workloads are causing overworked employees to, paradoxically, spend more time doing less. Taking breaks, spending more time away from the office, and working shorter hours actually increases the efficiency of ones workflow.

Take a break to volunteer

6002077957_e184664a7e_nWhat better way to step away from your desk than to step into a classroom, spending one hour volunteering to teach a child to read? Volunteering as a reading tutor is great for your work, not to mention for your community, and the child whose life you are changing. Just ask the folks at KMPG—an audit, tax, and advisory firm—who have committed to spending at least one hour per week tutoring at a local elementary school in Silicon Valley.

Spending time away from your work to help a child read is great for your productivity, and the longevity of your career. You might even become a little happier!




Photo Credit: Ferrell McCollough via Compfight

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