Reading Partners has been a part of the Colorado educational landscape since 2012, when Mile High United Way leveraged a federal Social Innovation Fund grant to help ensure more Colorado children could read proficiently by third grade.

We’ve paired thousands of community volunteers in low-income schools to help kids master basic reading skills and narrow their achievement gaps. Our one-on-one tutoring empowers students to succeed while simultaneously empowering volunteers to make a lasting difference in our community through individualized personal attention to each student in our program.

Reading Partners Colorado currently serves students in 13 schools in Denver. As a data-driven nonprofit, Reading Partners has enlisted APA Consulting to lead evaluation efforts of this partnership over the next five years.

By The Numbers

  94% of K-2 students developing mastery of key foundational reading skills needed to read at grade level (2017-18)
13 Reading Centers  
629 Students
918 Volunteers
Reading Partners - Colorado
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