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Los Angeles Area

Reading Partners became a part of the Los Angeles educational landscape in 2008, when we placed our first volunteer reading partners in three under-resourced elementary schools to help students raise their reading skills. Our one-on-one tutoring empowers students to succeed in reading and in life. Our community volunteers empower students to succeed in reading by providing individualized, personal attention for each student in our program.

Despite the internationally renowned glitz and glamour surrounding Los Angeles, 25 percent of children live in poverty. For these children, the reality is far from glamorous. In Los Angeles elementary schools, only 15 percent of fourth graders from low income families can read at grade level proficiently, putting them at significantly higher risk of dropping out of high school and continuing the cycle of poverty.

Reading Partners believes that all children deserve the opportunity to succeed. By partnering with community members and leaders, organizations, corporations, and local school districts in the Los Angeles area, we’re working toward a future where all children have the individualized support they need to become lifelong readers and learners.

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By The Numbers

  92% of K-2 students developing mastery of key foundational reading skills needed to read at grade level (2018-19)
14 Reading Centers (2019-20)  
706 Students (2019-20)
1,223 Volunteers (2019-20)
Reading Partners - Los Angeles Area
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